Cell Phones and Electronic Communication Devices
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Saturday, August 26, 2017
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As stated in the Autauga County Code of Conduct, cellular telephones and electronic devices should not interfere with teaching and learning during the school day; therefore, they should not be visible. If brought to school, they should be turned off and placed in a secure location. Permission is needed by school officials to use these devises during field trips and extracurricular activities. The use of camera cell phones is strictly forbidden and will be treated as intermediate or major discipline offense. Any phone communication during the instructional day must take place on school telephones with permission from office personnel. Parents should continue to call the school for any emergency situation. The Autauga County School District shall not assume any responsibility for theft, loss, or damage to a cell phone or electronic device or unauthorized calls made on a cell phone.

 Discipline procedures for cell phone or other electronic devices:

               1st OffenseParent must come pick up the item(s).

               2nd Offense – Item(s) will be held for five (5) SCHOOL DAYS.
                                    Parent may pick up the item(s) after five (5) days.

               3rd Offense – Item(s) will be held for ten (10) SCHOOL DAYS.
                                    Parent may pick up the item(s) after ten (10) days.

               4th Offense – Item(s) will be held for 15 SCHOOL DAYS.
                                    Parent may pick up the item(s) after 15 days.

The only time students should bring toys, games, etc. to school is when their teacher asks them to for instructional purposes.

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