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Ms.  Angela  Landry
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Principal's Corner


Welcome to Prattville Intermediate School!  The faculty and staff are enthusiastic and excited about the 2017-2018 school year.  Student success is expected and encouraged in a positive environment at Prattville Intermediate.  The staff is dedicated to preparing and producing well-rounded students through an educational program designed to motivate, challenge, and meet the needs of all of our fifth and sixth grade students.

Parental and community involvement is a key factor in the educational process of every student.  Your participation in your child(ren)'s education is vital in their growth and development.  Always remember to encourage and support your child(ren) in all of their efforts. I highly encourage you to actively get involved at Prattville Intermediate School.  The faculty and staff need your support and involvement, but most importantly, your child(ren) need you involved in order for them to be successful.

Angela Landry