Mission Statement  

Our Vision

Our school vision is for our students to become creative, responsible, caring, and productive citizens who contribute positively to our ever-changing society.


Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare students to be well-rounded, motivated, and productive in the twenty-first century and in our technological society.


Our Beliefs

·         Every individual needs and deserves a safe and secure environment.

·         Every individual deserves an education.

·         Every individual has something to contribute. Everyone has worth and value.

·         Every action has a consequence.

·         Everyone deserves recognition for their efforts and accomplishments.

·                Self-esteem is the foundation for success.

·         Everyone can be productive and successful.

·         Every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.


Our Goals

  • Reading:  Ensure that all students improve in their ability to read and answer text related questions.
  • Writing: Ensure that all students improve their writing throughout all academic disciplines.
  • Math:  Ensure that all students improve their conceptual understanding of math.

  About The School